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To the left, to the left

September 12, 2012

You can tell a lot about a culture by its drivers, according to my inspiration for this post, Herman Lindqvist (though credits for the title go to Beyonce). Judging based on Lindqvist’s criteria, the Brits are an exceedingly polite and cautious set of people. Despite the inevitable outlier, driving culture in the UK condemns risky lane switches and cutting others off. Drivers even go as far as stopping to let cars pass in front, something I have never experienced anywhere. Now, if driving were purely based on culture, this would be the perfect place to get behind the wheel. The only problem is that the wheel is not where it is supposed to be! Everything is opposite and counter-intuitive. Though you do get the hang of it somewhat quickly, at least when there are other cars on the road to follow. In cases of deserted roads or the unlikely emergency, you may need to fear where your right-hand reflexes would take you. By the way, being left handed does not unlock the secrets of this bewildering left-side world. Come to think of it, maybe drivers in this country are so patient and forgiving due to the prevalence of perplexed foreigners on the roads. Brits have learned to show great appreciation to those that simply stay on the right (meaning ‘correct’ in this context) side of the road.

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