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Brits are shy(er than Swedes)

September 21, 2012

I have been observing the fellow inhabitants (mainly Brits, surprisingly for London) of the apartment building where I am staying. Awkward moments in elevators, close encounters in halls and stairways and the persistent silence that lingers between occupants of tightly packed treadmills in the basement gym. In contrast to other cultures I take the liberty to express my views on, Brits seem uninclined to engage in smalltalk. Although I consider British people approximately one hundred times more polite than Swedes, the latter commonly force themselves (no matter how excruciatingly embarrassing it may be) to exclaim a muffled greeting or at least a nod in your general direction upon close encounters with strangers. Imagine mounting the treadmill next to the sole other individual in the gym (practically elbow to elbow) without being greeted with as much as a glance!? And I who held the misconstrued notion that Brits took every opportunity to chat about the weather!! Not so much, according to my latest findings.

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