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London litter

October 9, 2012

Normally I try to stay positive and see everything in the best light. But riding on the London tube for 45 minutes with a decomposing banana peel in my hand puts things into perspective. The waste disposal solutions in this city are shockingly insufficient. In other words, there are no trash cans. Or litter bins – though i don’t see the point in having a British term for an object that doesn’t exist. Swedes are pre-programmed not to litter, and experience intense feelings of borderline criminality when trying to sneak an empty Starbucks cup under a train seat. So in the absence of adequate waste disposal possibilities, we carry our garbage around with us. The bottom of my handbag is thus a sea of receipts, train tickets and wrappers. And I’m the person transiting through the tube catacombs with an empty coffee cup in one hand and a putrid banana peel snuggled up with my iPhone in the other. It’s not ideal.

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  1. HansBlogger permalink
    October 9, 2012 07:35

    A little history lesson may help here:

    Following the attack, all dustbins were removed from London Underground, and from many overground stations. A continued heightened risk of terrorist attacks (currently at ‘Substantial’ according to the Home Office) since then has prevented them from being re-introduced.

    I think that the vast majority of us Londoners have become pretty responsible at holding on to – and later disposing of – our rubbish when travelling on the tube (free newspapers aside!) and accept the inconvenience as part of our efforts to try to protect the mutual safety of us and our visitors. That said, clear plastic bags have been introduced over the past couple of years in some stations, but only where the security advice deems it to be an acceptably low risk.

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