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Notions of cold

November 16, 2012

Brits act as if they were somehow immune to cold. Although their climate is relatively mild by north European standards, there is really no need to confront 5 degree winters and bone chilling winds without gloves or proper boots. How can it be that you see runners in Hyde Park dress in shorts and t-shirts all year long? Why is it that Brits prance around with bare legs in the off season, and consider hand-warming apparel superfluous? For swedes there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. We are a population that takes proper precautions to ease the pain of cold, and it is perplexing to realize that others may not share this sentiment. Well, I see two possible reasons for this ascetic behavior. One is that Brits are simply used to freezing, in their poorly insulated and lofty mansions of bygone times, and thus are not overly inconvenienced by goosebumps and clattering teeth. Another more plausible explanation is that agony is, as the Brits famously claim, ‘character building’. In Britain, you see, suffering makes you a better person.

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