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Frosty windshields

January 15, 2013

In a country unaccustomed to regular snowfall, brits looked puzzled when confronted with their frosty windshields this morning. Back when I used to drive regularly, there would always be a CD case (or even a cassette cover!) around to act as snow scraper. And today? One can’t very well apply the sharp edge of one’s smartphone or mp3 player to an icy windshield. But on my morning trod to the tube, I noticed that although CD cases may be lacking, creative solutions are not. I was fascinated to see bare-handed Brits, finger deep in shredded frost, scraping away with their credit cards (or Boots loyaly cards, more likely)! Though I still struggle with the concept of how one even attempts to grip the steering wheel after such a hand-numbing experience….

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